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The Reefs

Editors at Tripfilms have designated Explorer Studios ten (10) videos an Editor's Pick video. We think that The Reefs is a high-quality travel video that is both informative and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your videos with us.


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A story about the most famous and talked about memorial America and the world has ever seen.Never before has there been a memorial to a person of color of this magnitude. This story is about the building of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.  And about those that helped with Building the Dream.

Building The Dream!


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With the explosion of the new crop of digital cameras, the HDSLR community has become a rich one; there are hundreds of great guides out there to help us get more out of these cameras.

Here is a few people we follow to get the most out of this great content driven industry.




Philip Bloom


Crooked path films


Leroy Hamilton









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